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Airan Kang  the bookshelf enLightened

This volume introduces the world of art work by Korean-born contemporary artist Airan Kang through an assembly of stunning photographs of her work in installation, writings by the artist, texts from various illuminated books, as well as essays by architect Sotaro Yamamoto and curator Uraka Hijikata.
Airan Kang invites us to a space of contemplation with her illuminated books, which are a manifestation of the light of wisdom.
Born and raised in Korea and familiar with the teachings of western thinkers such as Kant, since 1999, Kang has been exhibiting conceptual installations using books in a manner that grasps for her own identity. Kang’s objects are transparent resin modeled to the same size as the books and lined with LED, which light up the objects from the inside. The shining book objects are also a code that indicates an individual’s cultural accumulation of wisdom, as thought each book is a node of the nervous system.
Beginning with one illuminated book as an art work, in recent years, she has reconstructed the book-as-object in a virtual field, which is simultaneously a project through which viewers can experience through the corpus and at the same time serves as a study of its reciprocal and new forms of wisdom occurring in a digital era.

This volume was published on the occasion of Airan Kang’s first solo exhibition at the museum in Japan, “Airan Kang—the bookshelf enLightened,” held at the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, February 20th to May 9th, 2010.

Book Design: Nobuo Yamada (Central Park)
Size: 180 × 135 mm
Pages: 60
Hard Cover
Bilingual: English/Japanese
Publisher: NOHARA
April 28, 2010
ISBN: 978-4-904257-06-7
Price: 1,800yen (before-tax price)

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