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Fiona Tan:  Ascent

Fiona Tan Artist Book: Gazing at Mt. Fuji

Ascent (2016), the latest work by the internationally renowned visual artist Fiona Tan, will premiere (premiered) at the Izu Photo Museum in an exhibition with the same title. Ascent takes Mt. Fuji as its theme and is comprised of two parts, a video installation (77 minutes) and a photography installation, based on more than 4,000 photographs contributed by the public and selected from the collection of the Izu Photo Museum. The work is at once a rumination on the singularity of the mountain and people’s relationship to it, an exploration of history as told through visual culture, and a study of the history of film.

When Tan engaged this project, she conceived of an artist book separate from the installations. The book has three components (a volume of images, and two volumes of Japanese and English text). Tan’s work explores identity, memory, and history, and as she addresses these themes, she also examines the nature of the gaze itself.

Responding to the distinctive world Tan creates through her work, a variety of insightful contributors expand upon Tan’s thinking from multiple perspectives.

The book is a co-publication with the De Pont Museum in the Netherlands.

Essays by David Campany (writer, curator), Toshiharu Ito (art historian), Shinichi Takemura (cultural anthropologist), and Fiona Tan.

Conceived and planned by Fiona Tan
Texts: David Campany (Writer, curator), Toshiharu Ito (Art historian), Shinichi Takemura (Cultural anthropologist), Fiona Tan
Editors: Yoko Mori, Yuri Yamada(Izu Photo Museum)
Book design: Takuma Hayashi (Hayashi Takuma Design Office)
The book of images includes 133 photographs
Size: Box 234 × 161 × 27 mm, books 227 × 158 mm each
Pages: 3 volumes, 80 pages each
Bilingual: Japanese/English
Published by Izu Photo Museum, De Pont Museum and NOHARA, 2016
July 18, 2016
ISBN: 978-4-904257-36-4
Price: 3,800yen (plus tax)

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