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Motohashi Seiichi:  Sense of Place

Documentarian Motohashi Seiichi (1940–) has used the two modes of photography (since the 1960s) and film (since the 1990s) to document the lives of ordinary people. His work has received domestic and international acclaim, including the Domon Ken Award for his book Nadya’s Village and the grand prize at the St. Petersburg “Message to Man” Film Festival for Alexei and the Spring. Motohashi’s fields of observation have included coal mines, popular entertainment, the circus, a slaughterhouse, and a train station, where he has portrayed the rich diversity of human endeavor that forms the foundation of society. He has also published three books and directed two documentaries on Chernobyl, focusing on the daily lives and the loss of homeland of people who continue to live in the vicinity of the power plant even after the nuclear accident. 2016 marks the historic 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. In the wake of the nuclear meltdowns caused by the March 11 tsunami in Japan, Motohashi’s portraits of an irradiated homeland provide us with perspective from the past.

The work Motohashi has produced during his half-century journey as a photographer has been gathered here under the theme, “sense of place.” Published in conjunction with the Sense of Place exhibition, the book presents work from nine series, beginning with two previously unpublished early series, Ofuyu and Yoron, and including his representative work The Coal Mine, Ueno Station, Slaughterhouse, Performance East and West, Circus, Chernobyl, and his most recent series, Arayashiki. 262 photographs are assembled, producing the first comprehensive collection of Motohashi’s work.

Texts by Sawaragi Noi (art critic), Okano Koko (director, Izu Photo Museum), and Mori Yoko (curator, Izu Photo Museum).

Book design: Ise Koji
Editor: Mori Yoko
Printing director: Takayanagi Noboru (Tokyo Inshokan Printing)
Photograph printing: Obara Sawako (Poleploretimes Co., Ltd)
Illustrations: black & white 262 works
Size: 257 × 182 mm
Pages: 368, soft cover
Bilingual: Japanese/English
Publisher: Izu Photo Museum and NOHARA
June 1, 2016
ISBN: 978-4-904257-35-7
Price: 3,000yen (plus tax )

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