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Noguchi Rika  To the Night Planet

Berlin-based Noguchi Rika's To the Night Planet is the first photo collection in four years from this international artist, who in recent times has chosen light itself as her dominant theme.
To assemble the collection, Noguchi photographed scenes from the window of a bus she regularly rides in the German capital, and arranged the shots from the resulting single roll of film in order of taking. The diverse forms of artificial light that make up the urban landscape – windows of buildings, streetlamps, the lights of cars and buses – are transformed into magically beautiful masses of luminosity, mysteriously transporting the viewer off Earth to swim through space.
Deliberately declining to select photos, instead arranging them in the order they were taken, it is as if Noguchi shows her bus ride in real time. By doing so she reminds us of the priceless nature of every moment.

To the Night Planet

As the day draws to a close, I gaze at the scene outside my usual double-decker bus. As the sky darkens, light appears in myriad hues. The bus makes its way slowly along the night planet.

Pointing my camera through the window, I see a parade of new lightscapes in the viewfinder. Each moment is a precious photo opportunity, and I click the shutter over and over.

Reviewing in order the resulting single roll of film, invariably I recall more vividly the moments that for some reason I did not capture. Perhaps therein lies the secret of photography.

Noguchi Rika

Art direction and design: Nakajima Hideki (Nakajima Design office)
Design assistant: Yamaguchi Gengo (Nakajima Design office)
Editor: Mori Yoko
Printing director: Nakatsuka Yasushi
Illustration: 77 works
Size: 224 × 160 mm
Pages: 128 pages, softcover
Language: Japanese/English
Publisher: NOHARA
January 30, 2016
ISBN: 978-4-904257-33-3
Price: 2800 yen (plus tax)

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