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Christiane Löhr  encircling the orbit [Limited edition of 700]

Architecture lies in the invisible order of the space behind it.
Christiane Löhr uses familiar things to show us the invisible order of our world.
How “architectural,” the vast universe within the small.

Jun Aoki (architect)

Christiane Löhr (b. 1965), who lives and works in Germany and Italy, uses materials gathered from nature, including the stalks and seeds of familiar plants such as dandelions and thistles as well as horsehair, to create forms that draw on the constructive logic of the organic substances. "Form in the Void" is the underlying theme of both her three-dimensional works and her works on paper. The artist appears to follow an inner geometry inherent in her materials –the objects showing themselves as examples of imaginary architecture, surprisingly light and fragile, yet powerful and stable.
Christiane Löhr: encircling the orbit features the sculptures and drawings shown in the artist’s 2015 solo exhibition of the same title at Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, marking her first solo outing at a Japanese museum, together with eighty pages documenting the production of those works as photographed by Salvatore Mazza. The book also contains texts by artist Jannis Kounellis, a central figure in the Arte Povera movement, and art critic Germano Celant who spearheaded the movement. It is the only book in Japan to home in on the essence of Löhr’s artistic practice, the results of which have received international acclaim and the future of which is eagerly anticipated.

Texts by Germano Celant (art critic), Jannis Kounellis (artist), Keisuke Mori (curator, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum)

[Limited edition of 700]
Size: 300 × 240mm
Pages: 128 pages, hardcover
Book design: Rie Shimoda (da.)
Languages: Japanese and English
Editors: Keisuke Mori, Tokomo Watarikawa, Yoko Mori
Publisher: Vangi Sculputre Garden Museum and NOHARA
August 27, 2015
ISBN: 978-4-904257-32-6
Price: 2,800yen (plus tax)

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