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  Hiroshi Sugito Postcard Book

Portraying alternative realities from minute to vast in scale, Sugito Hiroshi assembles unconventional picture planes bursting with delicate hues, expanding his paintings into multilayered realms.
Sugito has been exhibiting his work internationally since the 1990s, and is an essential figure in any discussion of the possibilities of contemporary painting.
Sugito Hiroshi: Postcard Book contains 16 of artist's works, from early career to latest offerings and in a variety of media: drawing, oils, acrylics, prints. These include the early the day of departure (1996) featuring creatures neither animal nor human; the rare ohoshi-sama (1995), employing words; the dark mirror (2006) containing the curtains that are a feature of Sugito's work up to the mid-2000s; and oil painting the river (2015).
The rhythmical composition of color and form in Sugito's works extends beyond mere visual delight to stir us in a very visceral fashion.
Gift the world of Sugito Hiroshi to someone special.

Size: 105 × 152 mm
Pages: 16 postcards
Languages: Japanese/English
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Editor: Yoko Mori
Publisher: NOHARA
March 19, 2015
ISBN: 978-4-904257-30-2
Price: 1,200 yen (plus tax)

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