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This catalogue for the "Kishio Suga" exhibition at Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum draws on numerous studies in analyzing from a contemporary perspective the work of leading Mono-ha artist Kishio Suga.
As a special bonus, it is accompanied by a copy of Suga’s new mystery novel, Soten no goraiasu (The Goliath of Dual Skies) [in Japanese].

From the perspective that artworks are also "mono," I have thought for a long time about the kind of condition that exists the moment a "site" comes into being.
               —Kishio Suga (from his essay in the catalogue)

Since the late 1960s, artist Kishio Suga (b. 1944) has been using materials such as wood and stone to explore "mono" (things) and the "sites" that surround them. Suga, who studied at Tama Art University and in 1967 won the Shell Art Award while still a student, rose to prominence as a member of the Mono-ha. Created by employing the idiosyncratic technique of arranging objects from nature, building materials and so on in temporary fashion, Suga's artworks reflect the keen sensibilities of an artist who has been at the forefront of contemporary art for around half a century, engaging with the complex, constantly changing environment that surrounds us in an attempt to divine a universal structure.
The catalogue includes installation views of the works in the exhibition as well as documentary photos from the 1980s onwards showing the artist at work. The numerous studies by art critics, curators and scholars, including previously unpublished work by the artist himself, provide a close, multifaceted analysis of Suga's artworks, which in recent years, along with gaining international recognition, have prompted new questions regarding their contemporary meaning.

Texts (new and republished) by Kishio Suga, Shino Kuraishi (Professor, Meiji University), Tsuyoshi Satoh (graphic designer), Akira Tatehata (President, Kyoto City University of Arts), Arata Tani (Director, Utsunomiya Museum of Art), Shigeo Chiba (Art critic, Professor, Chubu University), Toshiaki Minemura (Art critic, Professor emeritus, Tama Art University), Keisuke Mori (Curator, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum), Mika Yoshitake (Assistant curator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden)

Size: 210 × 148mm
Pages: 256, Softcover
Bookdesign: Hiroyuki Onuma
Language: Japanese and English

[Special bonus]
Suga's mystery novel, Soten no goraiasu (The Goliath of Two Dual Skies) [in Japanese]
Size: 150 × 105 mm
Pages: 584, Softcover
Bookdesign: Hiroyuki Onuma
Language: Japanese and English
Publisher: Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum and NOHARA

February 12, 2015
ISBN: 978-4-904257-29-6
Price: 2,800yen (plus tax)

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