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Kyoko Murase  Drawings: Jelly Morning

This is the first publication of collected drawings by Germany-based artist Kyoko Murase.
Murase has drawn and painted figures of young girls since she began making art. Having timidly peered at the world from her room, a girl one day opens the door and steps outside. Sometimes she enjoys the sensation of floating in water. At other times, she ventures into the forest, stopping occasionally as she wanders under the tree branches. Who knows where she will head to next or what she will encounter? This book features reproductions of works displayed in Murase’s solo exhibition in 2007-08 at the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, “Cicada and Horned Owl,” as well as reproductions of older works.

Book Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Size: 343 x 257 mm
Pages: 86, soft cover
Bilingual: Japanese/English
Publisher: NOHARA
March 1, 2008
ISBN: 978-4-904257-01-2
Price: 3,600 yen (before-tax price)

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