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Tazuko Masuyama: Until Everything Becomes a Photograph
3,300 yen (before-tax price)

Bernard Buffet 1945-1999
2,800yen (before-tax price)

Shigeo Toya: Sculpture and Words 1974-2013
2,500yen (before-tax price)

Bruno Munari's Fantasia —What Is Creativity?—
2,300yen (before-tax price)
Yurie Nagashima
Clematis Garden [Postcard Book with 16 images]
1,200 yen (before-tax price)
Manabu Miyazaki
The Pencil of Nature
2,500yen (before-tax included)
Miki Mochizuka
Sun Day [limited edition]
15,000yen (before-tax price)
Miki Mochizuka
Sun Day
2,800yen (before-tax price)
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