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Koji Tanada  Eleven Boys, One Girl

Koji Tanada’s figurative sculptures of children arise from a creative process tied to the artist’s use of wood as his material: from carefully selecting a log to assessing its structural qualities and carving it into shape. Tanada chose to repeatedly pursue the subject matter of children because he felt that depicting their fragility and meekness could in fact result in sculptures that convey a strong artistic impact. Taking two years to complete and first exhibited in 2008, the 12 sculptures documented here reveal new developments in Tanada’s work. In addition to the sculptures that comprise Eleven Boys, One Girl, this book—the artist’s first monograph—introduces previous representative works and an index of all the works Tanada has exhibited to date. With essays by Noi Sawaragi and Uraka Hijikata.

Book Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Size: 255 x 190 mm
Pages: 144, hard cover
Bilingual: Japanese / English
Publisher: NOHARA
December 10, 2008
ISBN: 978-4-904257-03-6
Price: 3,200yen (before-tax price)

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