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Hiroshi Sugito  frame and refrain [limited edition of 1000]

A limited edition of 1000 copies. Beautifully bound in pale blue-gray cloth with the title in English rendered in rainbow metallic foil.
Portraying alternative realities from minute to vast in scale, Hiroshi Sugito (b. 1970) assembles unconventional picture planes bursting with delicate hues, expanding his paintings into multilayered realms. Sugito has been exhibiting internationally since the 1990s, and is an essential figure in any discussion of the possibilities of Japanese contemporary painting.
This is the first collection of works in ten years from this notable artist featured in a string of solo shows at museums around the country.
The book contains around fifty artworks including paintings framed and unframed and installation pieces shown in the exhibition Hiroshi Sugito: frame and refrain (Musée Bernard Buffet, 2015), as well as drawings produced exclusively for this book. Sugito's style, hitherto characterized by compositions featuring theatre-like curtains, evolves into a more pronounced toing and froing between abstract and figurative, everyday and extraordinary.
The world in which motifs resonated inside and outside the frames and were expanded and repeated throughout the gallery space is now available in book form with new editing by the artist himself. The images are printed on thin paper designed so that the works and their presence have a faint impact on the reverse and other pages—traces of pages perused, and pages to come. The result is a special volume that captures the present form of Hiroshi Sugito, an artist whose future activities are keenly anticipated.

Hardcover , cloth hanging
Languages: Japanese/English
Pages: 128
Size: 297 × 200 mm
Editor: Yoko Mori
Art direction and design: Makoto Yamamoto
Publisher: NOHARA
[limited edition of 1000]
June 15, 2015
ISBN: 978-4-904257-31-9
Price: 2,800 yen (plus tax)

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